art director.

vcu brandcenter grad.

klink co-founder.

currently at arts & letters.

Instead of a bio, here's a bucket list.
I've already completed half of these.
Telling which ones takes the fun out of it.

Jump off a building.

A tall one.
(With a rope/parachute.)


Play chess against
a grandmaster.


Perform on stage in
front of a big crowd.


Hike the Inca Trail.


Eat puffer fish.

(Don't die.)


Hot air balloon over

the Bagan temples.

If you want to help me complete this list,
or have suggestions for more things
I should add, or want to talk business,
or just want to talk, contact me.

say hello.

follow me. or just stalk.

go back to the top.


Art Director

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Art Director
Art Director